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Gambling Statistics From Around The World

Gambling Statistics From Around The World

judi bola onlineGambling has become more than a game now. It is an entertainment for most people. Some believe that it is a means of earning money. Gambling Statistics suggest that these good things about gambling have made it one of the most revenue generating industries of the world. However, it is never practical to think that the industry is immune against the usual ups and downs that most businesses suffer from. Today, we bring news from around the world about the various ups and downs that the gambling industry suffers from. Have a look.

? USA files

Mississippi massacre

Mississippi is considered as one of the heaven destinations as far as the prosperity of the gambling industry is concerned. But things were not at all favourable for the place in 2013. Rather, the dull phase of Mississippi is continuing ever since 1990s and the region is consistently losing its revenue from gambling. Coupled with this business misfortune is the threat that Mississippi is facing from emerging gambling destinations.

Happy Nevada

While Mississippi was passing through this dismal phase of gambling, Nevada was counting on its good luck. This region experienced over a percent increase in revenue generated from gambling since 2012. Industry experts suggest that baccarat has acted like the magic wand for this region. Statistics Gaming experts also remark that majority of the cash paying guests who reside in the hotels and resorts in Nevada are the primary customers who are fond of baccarat.

Clark Country charisma

If there is any region in the United States that has become awestruck with its own prosperity then it has to be the area around the Clark Country. Gambling industry has been a messiah for the Clark Country regions like down town Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and the Boulder Strip by making the regions earn revenues that are much more than what they have actually expected. It is not only that the gambling industry has been in favour of this region, but also it seems that the 2013 calendar had made special efforts to make the region prosper. This is because there was an extra Sunday in that year, and it directly signaled towards the probabilities of assemblage of gamblers in that region.

? Australian good times

The graph of the gambling has been fairly consistent for Australia. It was found by the experts that during the year from 2008 to 2009 the industry alone contributed around ten percent towards the country's total revenue. Moreover, towards the close of 2010 the country has reported to have grown by leaps and bounds. However, the international gamblers can still give thumbs down to the gambling industry of this country. Actually, Australian gambling could have prospered more and challenged the might of US gambling industry. Nevertheless, ban on online gambling has proved villainous for the country.

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